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Public Involvement

People participate more effectively when they are informed and educated about an issue. Portfolio Associates has worked extensively with diverse target populations leading them to accept and participate in programs administered by large organizations, and in planning activities related to community development and transportation.

Community Relations

Portfolio Associates has over 40 years of experience working in urban and suburban communities in the Philadelphia Region, the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeastern U.S. This experience has led to an understanding of the diverse populations and socioeconomic relationships in these regions and has resulted in many successful community relations programs.


Portfolio Associates has developed advertising and public relations campaigns for both public and private clients, either as distinct activities or as part of larger projects. Our social issues marketing campaigns have increased awareness of health and environmental issues, and trained on a wealth of topics including entrepreneurism and community economic development.

Graphic Design

Portfolio Associates produces creative, effective and award winning communications in print and on the web. We have extensive experience in the design and production of materials for public and private clients targeted to a wide variety of audiences.


Portfolio Associates performs in depth interviews, conducts focus groups, develops and administers surveys, accesses secondary research on the web and in proprietary databases, provides analyses of results and assesses the communications needs of target populations.

Planning Policy

Portfolio assists local and regional planners in the development of long-range plans, reforming zoning codes, and assessing the impact of policies and programs that support quality of life. Portfolio provides counsel on policy development concerning land use, transportation, community development and sustainability.